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FUNdamental Reading Activities

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FUNdamental Reading Activities

Are you responsible for teaching reading comprehension? So was I. Reinforce reading comprehension skills with these fun activities: educational games, card games, reading skills puzzles, plays, monthly activities, and multi-media materials; balanced with these practice activities: reading worksheets, test preparation, struggling readers, and summer review.

There are also educational materials focusing on the hearing-impaired and ESOL. Check out our teacher resources, which now includes puppet theaters and manipulatives, and our classroom kits. Everything you need to teach and reinforce reading comprehension is right here!

For your convenience, our educational materials are age-appropriate for babies to adults and are arranged in the following manner under each educational category that applies:

* Babies (birth through 3 years)
* Early Childhood (PreK-K)
* Primary (Grades 1-3)
* Intermediate (Grades 4-5)
* Middle School (Grades 6-8)
* High School (Grades 9-12)

For a list of age groups under each educational category, see Help. For a specific list of educational materials, page-by-page, click Educational Materials Age Group or Educational Materials Special Areas.

Okay. Now that you know what we sell and how we are arranged, why should you buy from us?

* Experienced Teacher - You will benefit from me, Freda J. Glatt, MS, who has been where you are now. Having had 34 years of teaching experience before retiring in 2003, I understand and relate to your challenges and frustrations, as well as to the sensational feeling of teaching someone to read! Now, I want to help you help others.

* Educational Companies - You will be able to trust in the merchandise you purchase because we represent reputable, educational companies that are dedicated to manufacturing top-quality materials for teachers and students.

* Satisfied Customers - You are important to us; after all, without you, we would not have a business! Satisfied customers have expressed these positive thoughts:

~"My kids love them! I teach middle school and it's hard to find something where they don't feel babied. They (Pursuit and Structural Skills Quizmo games) have increased their fluency by 90%." Monica P.

~"Did the trick for my son (workbooks). His weakness was reading comprehension. As a result of the materials we ordered, he pulled his testing the mid-nineties." Dave L.

~"Thank you so much for excellent advice. I appreciate your input and time." Henrihetta T.

* Shipping - Orders within the United States will usually be shipped by UPS Ground or USPS; orders overseas will be shipped by the trackable Global Express Mail. See amounts here.

* Security - You can be assured that ordering is safe and secure through Authorize.NetŪ. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards, School Purchase Orders on official forms, and personal checks or money orders.

So, now. Are you ready to go Shopping? It's time to help your children gain confidence and master reading comprehension skills!


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