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Would you like to know others' opinions of our products, service, teaching suggestions, and free teaching tips/newsletter? Here are some customer comments.

"I was viewing your products online and they just seem to meet all our expectations. I'm so glad I found your website!" Mrs. Foster

"You have been more then helpful. The other two books (workbooks) are great and I will order again." Alison M.

"I just received the material (Instructional Fair worksheets) and it is AWESOME!!!!  I will be using this material for 7th and 8th grade students who have difficulty with reading, comprehension, and vocabulary and writing skills...I will keep you posted on their progress." Maria-Cecilia C. 

"I wanted to let you know the games I ordered for my two girls were huge hits!! Blink, Rhyme Lotto, Sight Word Bingo, and Kids on Stage are all VERY fun games for all of us to play together." Heidi D.

"It (Games for One-Year-Olds) has lots of good ideas and I used many of them." Rivka P.

"My kids love them! I teach middle school and it's hard to find something where they don't feel babied. They (Pursuit and Structural Skills Quizmo games) have increased their fluency by 90%." Monica P.

"I'm so glad you have materials for Middle School. They are so hard to find!" Elizabeth C.

"I was so excited to get my first book (workbook). The layout was exactly what I wanted...the way I would have written it myself!" Alice B.

"Thank you so much! I received the GREAT readers' theater books." Amy C.

"Yes, we did love the Romeo and Juliet book. It was a great book for middle school students. With the text and info in the book, we drew in other resources to make this a major unit in the classroom!" Debbie

"The inferencing worksheets were great. The repetitive nature of the activities per scenario were really helpful in practicing the skills and gaining a rounded understanding about inferencing. The kids enjoy it too! :) I...make games out of them (worksheets) and the kids are learning the skill without the boring drills. The worksheet and scenarios...have so much information - it is great to stimulate conversation and group thinking! I think teachers would benefit from these. They can make a whole lesson from one scenario and use the worksheets as guides for larger activities." Neha S., Speech/Language Pathologist

"...we have enjoyed your Reading Comprehension Mysteries! I believe this book is the best tool I have used so far with my reading group (adults with disabilities). The stories keep them attentive and wondering and...there are always sighs or "Wows" or some reaction. They love every story and truly enjoy the challenge of the work pages. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful book." Paula D.

"Did the trick for my son (workbooks). His weakness was reading comprehension. As a result of the materials we ordered, he pulled his testing the mid-nineties." Dave L.

"My 2 1/2-year-old daughter is great at matching the shapes (in the FunThinkers)... Thank you for the fast feedback." Kristen S.


"Thanks for all of your help. If we need any more supplies, I will sure call you." Elizabeth C.

"Thanks! You're great!" Janet G.

"Thanks for your assistance." Mark K.

"Many thanks for all your help." Michelle T.

"Thanks so much for the update...and also for not charging me for shipping. I hit the jackpot!...Thanks again for such excellent care." Nancy W.

"I appreciate your diligence in the handling of my order. Thank you for your cooperation." Robyn Y.

"Thanks so much for all your attention to me." Tammy J.

"Thanks so much for the directions and for being so efficient." Linda E.

"Thanks for the speedy service. It is greatly appreciated." Lynda B.

"Thanks for the prompt shipment! I got it so fast I didn't know what it was!" Tamina G.

"Thank you (for the surprise). No one ever thanks us for ordering from them." Kate M.

Teaching Suggestions

"I did try your suggestions...It helped their confidence...gave them great encouragement. Thanks again for taking the time to share those suggestions." Paula D.

"Thank you so much for excellent advice. I appreciate your input and time." Henrihetta T.

Free Teaching Tips/Newsletter

"I just wanted to thank you for your contribution of St. Patrick's Day ideas. Wow! Loved them all and will be using some. As parents we want to provide activities for our children that they enjoy and that stimulate brain activity as well as teach them something. Your activities do all that and I just wanted to say "thank you!" Lora S.

"Thanks for this month newsletter (December, 2005). It really helpful for me." Yatee Y.

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